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    Thank you to all.

    “I am writing to express our thoughts on the insurance claim we made starting in January 2018. The day that I walked into the back door of the church house and saw all of the water was a bit overwhelming. I have a few contacts and was given “contractor” advice immediately. ServPro was my second call and within a short period of time, they were on the scene helping with things. Overwhelming is a word you probably hear too often to be effective but it is the best way for me to describe the scene and the ”where do we go from here” thoughts.

    We got into contact with Lyons Insurance and Raymond started the ball rolling on that end. He paid us a visit giving us tangible pointers of what to expect from the physical point of view as well as navigating the paperwork side that was coming our way. He was available to answer any questions and while empathetic, he had experienced enough of this type of issue to be calm with good advice.

    Then, we were contacted by Frank Taormina of Moulton Adjusting Company, LLC. Frank had a task at hand but he was kind, friendly, knowledgeable and willing to listen to my questions. I cannot say enough about Frank. Frank was utilized by Keith Hein of York Risk Service Group who was the claim service provider for American Alternative Insurance Corp. I don’t know if York actually knows Frank but Frank was a perfect hire and is a good asset to York Risk Service Group. Frank was thorough and approachable. I think he handled things about as timely as one could wish for in a case like this considering the timing that the “flood of Westside” happened. Keith Hein was very helpful over the phone in letting me know how things would be handled but Keith’s best move was putting Frank on our case.

    Dotty Dumaine took over the case from Keith Hein and she was very expeditious in getting our claims paid. She crossed her ”T’s” and dotted her “I’s” but was never unkind or unpleasant. We were not argued with nor made to feel as if we had done anything wrong. I think she knew she was working with newbies to this kind of situation.

    I have nothing negative to say about Lyons, American Alternative, York or ServPro for that matter. I knew our policy rate would go up. That’s a given. Yet, I had NO RESERVATIONS about staying with Lyons and American Alternative. In fact, I would not hesitate to tell others and have done so, that we were treated so well. An unpleasant experience could have been made worse by any number of factors and yet the experience was as good as it could have been in spite of what we went through. Thank you to all.”